Customized Wine Barrels 

 I have been intrigued with painting wine barrels for a long time. I love taking something crafted with so much care and giving it new life after it its "wine life"! I'm giving barrels another purpose and turning it back into a beautiful artpiece to be enjoyed & serve as functional art.

I also custom design barrels for others with pictures & ideas that they want me to create for them. They end up having many uses besides being a great conversation piece in a home, on a patio, hunting lodges, wine tasting rooms & vineyards, etc. Some of them are on turn tables if they are painted all around the surface. They make an interesting table or even put on wheels for easy mobility such as a drink or appetizer cart .There are many creative ideas. It's very rewarding to make art that ends up being so personal for people. Making memories & preserving moments in time. 

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