The Glass Class!

Sign up for a scheduled class to paint your own wine glass or choose from a variety of styles . Or schedule a private party / event with me. It's so fun to do this with family , friends and co-workers while sharing eachothers' ideas (along with some wine & cheese & lots of laughs!)  Anyone can learn this and the end result is a personalized glass the is durable for lots of use & the best part is that you created it for yourself or as a special gift. There's other ideas such as illuminating them with candle tea lights,  food serving , etc.


Choose from many different design themes and select your own glass styles. 

Easy to follow stencils are placed inside the glass for some of the designs and otherwise, it is guided but, freehand designs. 

I offer lots of different paint materials to use, including glass paint pens. Durable paints are intended for use & wear well. Hand washing is still recommended. Avoid soaking.

Baking Instructions 

It is recommended to let your painted glass dry for a couple of days.  Then place your wine glass upside down on a baking sheet in a cold oven. ( Other glass styles may be upright , depending on how stable they are.) Heat oven to 350 & bake for a total of 30 min. This includes the pre-heating time. Do not open the oven because it can cause the glass to break. Let the glass cool down completely in the oven before you take it out. Now, the paint is cured! Your glass is washable & durable for use. Remember, handwashing is recommended.