Loretta Meyer-Furrey


 I have lived in the Verde Valley in Northern Arizona for almost 20 years and originally came here from South Dakota. I majored in Graphic Design & Watercolor at the The American Academy of Art in Chicago.

I worked in international/ national advertising and graphic design for many years. It's been a diverse path in the art field that has also included mural & sign painting, lettering and illustration, plus, watercolor painting. Marketing merchandise that is printed with my original artwork is part of my ongoing business called FallPheathers.  Currently, I have been custom designing & painting wine barrels, teaching art classes & glass painting events.

Most of my painted wine barrels are commissioned. The art is always a little different for each one, but, it will give you an opportunity to customize , as well. Timeframes and prices vary. Please contact me for a consultation if you're interested.  

The Texas Barrel